Lincoln Klepper Believes "You're Cool"!

Local 3rd grader's doodle sparks a business

By Kristin Fouts August 17, 2022

When 8-year-old Lincoln Klepper of Brownsburg is asked why he loves the business he's started, he usually says, "Because everyone's cool!" 

The Idea

Lincoln loves to draw. So, when he doodled a happy face with sunglasses and the comment "You're Cool!" in April 2021, his parents hung it up in pride. Then, Lincoln asked if they could turn it into a t-shirt. His parents, Nikki and Rob, deferred for a few months, but Lincoln was persistent. Nikki has some experience working with heat transfers, so eventually she gave in and made him a few to share with friends at school. Those few turned into about 20 made for friends and teachers for Twin Day during spirit week. 

Like many budding entrepreneurs, Lincoln had a goal in mind. He wanted a specific piece of tech: a virtual reality headset. It would take months of chores, though, to raise the money  he needed, so he decided to sell some of his shirts at a lemonade stand for $10 each. In just 4 hours, he met his goal! Lincoln now had the momentum  and motivation to take his sales to the community level. In July, he participated in Pittsboro's Freedom Fest and Brownsburg Farmer's Market Kid Biz Night. 

Photo credit: Nikki Klepper

Learning About Business

Nikki and Rob have started talking with Lincoln about money, to help him understand his growing business. Together, they've done the math to determine profits by deducting the cost of production from the cost of his supplies. They've also talked about marketing: Lincoln hands out free stickers of his smiley face at events, which intrigues passersby into learning more. 

With his own new saving and checking accounts, Lincoln will also start learning more about saving and spending money he earns. Lincoln's business isn't all about profit, though. He's also learning about philanthropy by sponsoring school fundraising events. 

Want Your Own "You're Cool" Merch?

First, support Lincoln's Facebook page! He sells three colors of his original t-shirt-- as well as drawstring bags, pillow cases, and (soon) keychains-- at local events and on his website, Here's the best part of every order: you'll receive a handwritten thank you note from Lincoln! 

Photo credit: Nikki Klepper